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Next issue:1001 Arabian Nights: The Adventures of Sinbad #1
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Next issue:The Dream Eater Saga #0

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A Realm of Magic filled with fantastic creatures both good and evil. It is the oldest of all the realms. Many of Earth's fairy tales have sprung from Myst. Once a peaceful realm it is now in turmoil as the High Council and it's Realm Knights battle with the Dark Horde to keep it from falling under the Dark One's control.

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Alorana's is called the witch queen and it's not for her nasty habit of sending people to their deaths. She's an excellent enchantress, but no match for Samelia and Pots fighting to save Sam's life and keep Sam's freedom.

Even after Sinbad and his crew sent her running, she wasn't willing to give up her plotting to get revenge. Will we get to find out the next step in her plan?

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TAoS12 - Cover A

The City of the Dead holds many secrets and terrible dangers. Giant scorpions, skeletal warriors and other living nightmares walk its streets. . . all under the control of a being of unimaginable evil. Buried underground for thousands of years, his decaying flesh and tattered bandages a constant reminder of a bitter betrayal, the ancient Wizard Terrae Motus plans to make the world to suffer for his pain...and Sinbad and his crew are first on his list.

TDES08 - Cover A
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"On the Isle of Kish, I am a hero. In the city of Abu Dhabi, I am a thief. In Ganaveh a princess longingly awaits my return. And in Baghdad... I am to be killed on sight. My friends call me a sailor. My enemies call me a pirate. My women call me a god but you may call me Sinbad."
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